SAV Session

Lew took a trip. It started with a rainy ride south, through Atlanta area hospitality, to the Tampa Pro, to meet up with the Welfare Line Skateboard Collectors... After the Pro, Lew had to stay south for a while, to avoid snow storms striking in Tennessee, KY, and such.  

That’s how he wound up getting 2 days of sessions in at the new Savannah skate park.  

Lew and the Fickle crew have done at least 14 trips to SAV since his first visit in 2008. It has been a pretty tough fight for a public skate park. SAV has a pretty, um, shall we say “unsupportive” element in government.

He was hosted by Fabio and Boe, of Woody’s Skate Park each time, Skating Beaufort, Hilton Head, Bluffton, the jersey wall, Ben’s ramp, and a few more spots... 

This was a pretty special visit. Folks from way back were there, sharing the session. SAV remains on the itinerary, even though Lew is primarily solo on the Harley, now. 

Here’s to the future!  

david true