Skateboards are vehicles. 

Skateboards are vehicles. 
vehicles for lives... 
...actual lives, 
of people
who can know who they are...
...what they are...
...who could.
who should. 

Skateboarding isn't only "outlaw" or "punk", "gangsta" or "core". 
...attributes to some (ultimately strictly conformist) movement. 
self-proclaimed masters of
self proclaimed cultures
pushing molds on minds and hearts softer than theirs...

Skateboarding is the freedom
of wheels
under feet
for anyone, 
from every background, 
on paths to many destinations
on paths to many different deaths...

Skateboarding is the feeling of
the roller coaster
for the price of wood and wheels... 

the sense of flight...
available to all. 
no kidding. 
kids on the street could hustle up a plank in an NY minute. 

its the possibility
of vast possibilties...
...of poetry in motion.

Skateboards carry lives around
minds around
on a ride
as varied or regular
as dangerous or safe
as lives desire... 
as minds desire.



Lew- SEPTEMBER 26, 2007

david true