What does it take to keep skateboarding fun?

Who knew that it took this much vigilance, and hard work in thought and words, to keep skateboarding FUN? Who would have thought that there would need to be a movement of writers, thinkers, and talkers putting in hours on keyboards, cameras and microphones, printing zines, editing older magazine brands, attempting to steer Skateboarding Culture back toward the universal fun zone it has always been able to be?

There is never a shortage of mainstream cogs who try to drown out these folks, usually with the old "shut up and skate" zorlac sticker...

These brick-in-the-wall status quo culture warriors usually present themselves as loyalty soldiers for the standards of their local and regional meritocracies... Longtime scene locals whose unquestioning loyalty to the legacy of their hometown heroes precludes any addressing of the systemic dumbing down, and "Un-Funning" of skateboarding...

These same heroes are the ones who, for the past 15 or 20 years, have presided over the prevention of diversity... Just watch the documentary "Underexposed" to see prime examples of "good guys" who are cogs in this machine, explaining how they "just can't" promote skateboarding to diverse demographics. For shame.

There is always more to say... I'll stop short, leaving you thinking and finishing these thoughts, along your own lines... please feel free to comment, or interact with us on Facebook and Youtube!


photo credit: @bryancoxphoto

david true