Say something useful! 

It’s time that we engage a lively/intellectual/passionate conversation about:

How industry should serve the community; build it up/make it larger/stronger/more deeply rooted

How industry shapes culture through media and advertising

how industry chooses to shape culture with advertising and the “pro industry echo chamber”

How the community understands itself and it‘s culture. the role and responsibility of the community to form the industry and hold it back from its greed and hold it up to its best values In production and support of common values. 

For years now, it has not actually possible to have this conversation... at least not safely. Anyone who has engaged it has been marginalized, at best; threatened, menaced, defamed, assaulted at worst. Has there been an industry murder, yet? I sure hope not. I know that in the 90’s some warehouses burned down, but that’s another story for another time.

Beyond the conversation, lies the creation of alternatives, and the expansion of the community of skateboarders, through the enlargement of our cultural approach, beyond the strictures of present market-driven narratives.

Because here’s the deal: 

The market is dead. 

The industry is dying. 

It's time to talk about quality, value, and the enduring effects of investing in the inspiration of new ways of doing things, for a larger idea of who is a “skateboarder”. This is what Fickle is committed to. 

I leave you with this: 

I don’t have a lot of “nice” things to say right now... but I suspect this may wind up being helpful. 

david true