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A discussion of the Knucklehead

Unwatchable VeeLog 20160714

Evil power disappears
Demons worry when the wizard is near
He turns tears into joy


Greenhills: Cincinnati Gem: First Annual Competition



Saturday October 24th!

Let’s have a great time together!!!

Weston is in the house!

just a quick FYI. we have been adding dudes to our team around here. For sure we will put up some edits and stuff… all the stuff you’ve come to expect… but we want you all to know that Weston Vickers is in the van, down for life, and we’ve got his back till death and after. Weston Vickers. since forever ago, till forever from now.

Brotherly Love: a video from our friends and family

… this is a vid from the summer phone footy dump of our buddy Aaron. Put to the music of our good friend Isaac… this is family movie time. Please enjoy! Skateboarding is the icing on the brotherly love cake over here!

Little something we’ve been working on…

Hand-Digging our own shit is the reasonable extension of hewing out a workshop from a mountain of “no-you-can’t”. If we listened to people who said “it can’t be done”, we would probably be sleeker, less grubby, and especially less irritating to the satus-quo. But no. We are continuing to hew it out, day at a time, to show you that YOUR WAY is the only way to do it.

Question Authority. build things.

Some more proof!

Mississippi Mayhem!!!

Our good friend and FickleBoards Destroyer, Chad the Crawdad Crawford, knows what’s good! A slab of crete and a fickle boards to wreck it with! Hernando Skates, Hernando MS, Memphis TN, We are With You!



The prooooof!

Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 6.32.11 PM


they say “The Proof is in the Eating of the Pudding.” Well, i eat “pudding” a lot when I go skate. Not so much our ATL area rider, Jason Fowler. He’s been rad since forever ago, and he tries his best to destroy his FickleBoards Panhead… it has been holding up for months and months, and his backup board is still on display at a tattoo shop or something…

FickleBoards are guaranteed gnarly, strong, burly, and worth every penny. Guaranteed.

Austin Stanley: Kooking it.


turns out, Boe Parries over at Woody’s Skatepark, has been pumping out these “Daily Grind” videos of Austin and Lucas at a pretty fast rate. ¬†Please yes, more, thankyou.

The Stanley Brothers: Austin and Lucas


These guys’ skating embodies what we at FickleBoards are really into: outside the box, kooky, fun, non-climbing, individually creative… you get it… skateboarding that makes you wanna say, “I wanna go skateboarding!”

Austin Stanley SAV

Once again, our buddy Austin brings you a dose of weird… please destroy FickleBoards.

“How Do I Get One of These?” 513-252-5976 is how! Just get with Old Lew over it!

People see Old Lew crafting customs on the Instagrams and Facebooks, and they want to know “How do I get one of these done?” and the answer is so simple! Call Old Lew up and get your custom shape moving! You can order Stock, or go custom and get your board in about 2 weeks, with free Jessup Grip and Stickers that are screened in our shop. All art in house. All production in house… in a gritty former-mortuary basement in a creepy house in the hood.


This guy, putting our boards to work for the good of the world!!!

Here’s a dude for whom his FickleBoard is a vehicle for art! Jamie pretty much rules. We love you guys and ladies out there who ride our boards! Keep us posted on your favorite mode of skate destruction and we’ll put it out there!

New Shape: the Squid



The Squid: (link to product page)

The Squid Featured Image IMAG0191IMAG0188IMAG0193 streetable dimensions (and watch how those nollie tricks work on this nose) and super gnarly shape. Fresh-pressed, quick-shipped (we are faster than ever now) and ready to shred with Free Griptape, Free Shipping, and a Sticker Pack with every order! Now is the time to Quiver Up with the Squid!


Jolly Roger Skate Shop comes and Destroys with Fickleboards…

Jolly Roger. So many cool graphics coming outta this shop in Illinois, just across the river from St. Louis. Such cool, laid back road-warring folks, too.

By the time Old Lew was killing a plate of Mexican with them, the night before they returned, they had straight MERKED the Hell out of the warehouse ramp room with all their funorquit shit they do for fun.

Fickle’s crew took video. They took video. Here’s theirs.


Our take away: Hey all you traveling crews out there. You come any time and destroy with us. We are with you. We are here for you. We are stoked on what Jolly Roger is about, and can’t wait to go there and skate with their scene! So much love.

Lucas Stanley! Channel Hopper at KONA!

This kind of thing. for fun. all day.


Lucas Stanley

Photo by Boe Parries of Woody’s Skate Park and Shop, SAV.

FickleBoards Secret Unofficial HQ featured in Black and Whities

Andrew Mack is a genius behind the camera and at the editing bay. It is our sincere hope that he will continue to work with us! Emilio Erker is gnarly and loves GG Allin. Jordan Smith and Alex Conwell round it out with great vibes! You guys make us happy to make your boards! Here’s to friends, skateboarding together!

Check out more of Andrew Mack’s video mayhem HERE.


New Shape! The Knucklehead 888

Now its official! That custom shape, conceived in Memphis, TN, is OFFICIAL!

888 wide.

straight railed.

7.0 “, Four-Point Nose.

Generous 6.75+ tail

14.75 Wheelbase

This shape weighs in my hand like the old barnyard deck from back in the day. Remember that one? Square nose, Square tail? Yeah. a ton of fun.

Tough. Crisp. With those double blue lines in the laminate to let you know that Old Lew personally guarantees this for all your skate-destruction needs. Enjoy the vid. Order the board.

Always free shipping, grip, and stickers with your orders!


This guy… Five years ago…

On Hiatus from professional skateboarding for a spell, this guy is our favorite Lurker-at-Large. You are blessed if he shows up. He straight blows doors. We have love for Weston Vickers–elchubacabra vive!